Créama Buscaro: photography by Jeff Byrnes

Invisible Art of the Everyday Overlooked


Perhaps the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of shooting, for me, comes in finding something artful in the everyday and otherwise ordinary sights that we pass by without a second thought. The camera allows me to arrest my attention and focus it with greater acuity on the details of the world around me. Sometimes it’s fish in a barrel, other times it can be highly challenging. This process also helps me to challenge my assumptions about various environments; places that you would think offer very little can offer quite a lot depending on the angle of view, light, and other variables that reside in nuance. Likewise, their are places that at first glance might appear to offer a banquet of visual possibilities yet when the lens is placed upon them it’s as if all the possibilities simply vanished. Photography, like life, is often chock full of paradox and irony. Here’s to the illusions!

Angle of Descent


Red Hot Blues



Barriers are an Illusion


Sometimes They Do

Shattered Perceptions

Candy Wrappers

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