Créama Buscaro: photography by Jeff Byrnes

A Little Filler From Fullerton

The Girl With the Pearl Earring

Downtown Fullerton is one of Orange County’s community gems. A good state university, solid bars, coffee houses, and a keen social scene… the place has charm and stands out in an environment that is otherwise overloaded with track homes, strip malls, transient apartment complexes, theme parks, cookie-cutter congregationalists, prostitutes, pushed-under-the-rug-slums, and other societal elements that Hollywood somehow conveniently overlooks to make advertisers happy and middle America TV junkies squirm with empty envy. And, oh yeah, despite what the cynics like to say about the OC (because their only connection to the place is what they have seen on TV), the place has SOUL. Like all things in life, if you want the fruit you gotta peel the skin.


We All Wear Them

Out of Home But Not Out of Style

Cindershade Chimeras



Just Kidding

Original? No. Art? Your Choice.

Hot, Cold, & Bold



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