Créama Buscaro: photography by Jeff Byrnes

Past Work

I didn’t take the photo (credit: Shannon Switzer; I wish I was on location for this!) but it is an example of some work I have done in the past before reconnecting with photography. The “J7” logo was cut by me. I had to do it by hand as the plotter wasn’t working (I used to work in commercial signage) the day I went to get a batch of these made for Liz Clark‘s boat, Swell, which she has been sailing around the world. J7 is the name of the surfboard company, shaped by Jason Feist out of Santa Barbara, that has made most of my and Liz’s boards over the past several years. J7 is rapidly becoming one of the best board manufacturers (made in the USA) in the region and, in my estimation as well as based on the talent drawn to the shapes, is second only to Channel Islands/Al Merrick in the area.

(Names in bold are links to more info regarding the subjects so named.)

Some of my past handiwork on display.
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