Créama Buscaro: photography by Jeff Byrnes

The First Time ‘Round: Traveling the US, Part I (a scrapbook)

The following images were shot with a cheap film point-and-shoot when I took my first major trip around the nation (two months and less than $2k spent!) back in ’99. It was an amazing journey with most of the things you’d imagine might happen – like coming literally within seconds of dying in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler on Idaho’s Highway 20 (just west of the Tetons) with the guy who picked me up at Yellowstone. Happily, I survived the trek and remember it as one of my life’s highlights (right up there with surfing big Pipeline for the first time). BTW, the US has thousands of excellent hostels that are very inexpensive and take all comers (though I recommend the off season for anyone over thirty to avoid rowdy college kids). Dig it.

Elephant seals sunbathe in San Simeon

The van began the trip but didn't make it any further than L.A. - I decided to sell it and save on the gas, buying a Greyhound Ameripass instead (VERY good decision).

First stop after L.A. (I lived here for 3 1/2 years and stopped in to say hello to friends before moving on).

Suhail (sp?) and myself at The Blue Front Deli in the Upper Haight, SF. He and his two brothers own/run the joint; I worked there during the six months I lived in SF.

The Sutro Baths going OFF!!! I was so bummed that I didn't have a board and suit. OB was firing as was the left under the Golden Gate. This was the beginning of a swell that killed two surfers and had Maverick's firing on all cylinders.

Decaying pilings in Bandon, OR, home to the first hostel I stayed in. The joint was awesome with a brew pub in the same building. Woke up in the morning to a beautiful day and more firing waves at the harbor entrance that had me crying!

I actually started hitching in Nor Cal (and continued to do so through vast sections of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and a little of Arizona). Based on my experiences - which were 90% positive - I wouldn't recommend it; it is pretty damned dangerous.

Goofing outside of Rocco's Pizza in Portland (what was my favorite US city until I visited Austin last year - WOW!).

A curbside jam in Portland's Hawthorne District; a hippie asked me to rip one out on his rig while he was busking - how could I say no?

Making my way to Bainbridge Island. I was in Seattle for two days and scored perfect weather on day two - at the end of October no less!)

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