Créama Buscaro: photography by Jeff Byrnes


It has been a bumpy couple of years as I have been wrapping my head around the dizzying variety of options available on the web to share and promote my work. The process of developing content and doing the necessary R&D has been exhausting on “virtually” (and corporally) every level. My blogs have (obviously) taken a back seat as I have been spending the bulk of my time on image capture and post processing/editing. But now that I have – literally – many thousands of images completed and backlogged I feel I am finally ready to dive back into the blogosphere and deliver. For the past year-and-a-half I have been bouncing from Ventura to Los Angeles to San Diego and, now, San Francisco testing markets in order to determine the best location to settle into and grow from semi-pro to full-timer as a photographer, writer (which has been on ice for over two years), and creative professional. Unless a (much!) better alternative is offered I plan to call San Francisco home once again (I lived here, in Noe Valley, in ’95 for six months) and to establish myself among the city’s and region’s artistic professionals. Two more blogs will also be getting attention, one centered on surfing and ocean sports and the other on more newsy and journalistic events.

The following images were captured in the Ventura County backwoods of the Los Padres National Park’s northern region as I made my way to “The City By The Bay.”

Hulk-ish hues deep in the mountains of the Ventura County region of the Los Padres National Forest. Abandoned structures like this dot the landscape of this area and beyond.

What my blogs have been looking like for too long. As I get settled (finally!!!) in the SF Bay area I will be devoting energy to my sites. Since closing up shop on Facebook recently this should get easier to do.

Matches and cigarettes might not be so “Kool” on these premises.

Bucolic decay, Americana style.

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