Créama Buscaro: photography by Jeff Byrnes

Créama Buscaro: What’s In the Words?

(This blog features less serious work, photographic “scraps,” visual stories, random elements, and the occasional thought and/or rumination. For more formal, professional, and artistic works please go to my portfolio site.)

First, the words.

Créama Buscaro is essentially just a “Spangled” anagram (hint: “dark chamber“); however, though these words don’t actually exist they are close to the Spanish “crema” and “buscar,” which translates as “cream” and “to look for.” In a sense, as a photographer (and as a probing individual), this seems entirely fitting as I hope that, through the lens, I may be able to document the cream of life as I seek it out and bring a little light into the forgotten corners – the dark chambers – of our daily existence.

Second, myself.

Born in Tucson, raised on Oahu, I have lived the bulk of my adult existence chasing waves and dreams of a life in music (musician/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter of nearly three decades) along the California coast, counting San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Redondo Beach, Cerritos, La Habra Heights, Oceanside, Leucadia, and San Diego among my many homes. I have also spent a few cumulative years in Prescott, AZ on a family horse ranch that functioned as a kindergarten/preschool/daycare as well. My last adventure put me, in the fall of 2010, in Athens, OH where I attended one of the world’s most distinguished photojournalism graduate programs: Ohio University‘s School of Visual Communication. From my experiences there I realized very rapidly that my approach required a more creative platform than a strict PJ curriculum could provide. I opted out at quarter’s end with a respectable GPA, great new friends, and yet another unforgettable foray under my belt (btw, if you’re ever in Columbus it is well worth the hour-and-half drive south to see this old historic red brick town; OU is the 9th oldest university in the nation; if you love craft brews be sure to check out Jackie O’s; you gotta try a Philly Cheesesteak Burrito at Big Mamma’s). Other exploratory escapades have seen me play out my Kerouac fantasies through over forty states several times over – along with the obligatory Baja surf missions.

A visual artist practically out of the womb, I have spent much of my life developing skills in a wide range of media and first took up photography during my sophomore year of high school when I co-opted my mother’s Nikomat, bought a 200mm zoom, and started shooting surfers. My formal education in the photographic arts was begun, when a high school senior, in B&W film where I became increasingly interested in the more artistic and creative applications of the medium and, upon graduation, my parents gifted me a Nikon SLR, dedicated flash, and a couple of lenses. Tragically, the camera was damaged and, along with competing interests in other visual arts, competitive surfing, and pursuit of musical passions photography was more or less shelved with only occasional resurrections and the odd community college course. In 2008, while attending courses at UCSB to complete a specialized degree in English Literature, I was serendipitously reunited with my passion for photography via a Sony DSC-H10 Cybershot. The portfolio I crafted, primarily from the use of this camera (some images having been captured  with a DSC-HX1 high zoom and a550 DSLR), gained me acceptance into several of the nation’s top photojournalism graduate schools: Syracuse, Mizzou, CUNY Manhattan, and, as mentioned, Ohio University.

Currently I am returned to San Francisco to grow my business in a larger market than Ventura could afford. I will continue to further my skills in area workshops and university extension programs.

Thank you for taking a moment out of your life to look a little deeper. I hope you enjoy the visuals!

¡Adiós, por ahora, mis amigos de la búsqueda!

GEAR that I currently shoot with:

Sony α77, Sony α580 (with vertical grip), Carl Zeiss SAL-2470z, Sony “G” SAL-70200G, Sony SAL-1650, Lensbaby Composer Pro (with various optics), Sony SAL-30M28, Sony SAL-50F18, Sony HVL-F42AM Flash, Sony FA-CC1AM, Sony FDA-A1AM, Sony RMT-DSLR1, Sony RM-S1AM

Other Gear:

Black Rapid Camera Straps, Kata 3N1-33, Manfrotto,  Slik as well as other various lighting and reflector kits.


Macbook Pro


Apple Aperture 3, Adobe Lightroom 3, Adobe Design Premium CS5 (still figuring this beast out with the help of Lynda software tutorials).


2 thoughts on “Créama Buscaro: What’s In the Words?

  1. Brianna on said:

    I love your work! It is simply amazing.

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